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Happiness challenge

21 Day Happiness Challenge is designed to ensure every day you will be doing something that you have no choice but to enjoy. Become fulfilled. Become enlightened. Who doesn’t need a little boost while ensuring that you take care of yourself? I know I do! I will be doing this challenge along with you along with 3 of my best friends in the whole wide world. The Challenge starts the 1st EACH MONTH. Go ahead a purchase your space today and secure your spot. 

challenge accepted

What Will you do

fun & EASY

This challenge is really fun and easy. Your daily goals will be simple. The challenge include small tasks such as,  eating healthy for the day, taking a walk or doing a selfie shoot. Sounds simple enough right?


Download the Printable guide to get started!  The printable guide will help you to prep a before the challenge begin each month. This will ensure you have the tools you need like a journal or wine glasses.


Write in your journal, visualize a better life, manage your emotions, essentials for an at-home spa, gratitude guidance, meditation and a books you must read for enjoyment, enlightenment and finance.

Do you have a personality that thrives on outer accountability? What do I mean but “outer accountability” you can’t get stuff done unless you are in a group or involved with friends, who depend on your participation and hold you responsible for failure or successes?

Do you have a challenge with taking time for yourself? Do you have no idea what is self-care is and how to love yourself? Then this challenge will be awesome for you!

Sign up for the email guided challenge for the next 3 weeks and start the journey to a better you.

You must also be asking, why a 21 Day Happiness Challenge? My research has shown it takes the brain about 3 weeks to form a new habit and these goals are just a collection of self-care habits. The aim is to rewire your brain to understand that self-care and self awareness is essential for happiness


end GOAL

At the end of this challenging, you should be able to understand your personality a whole lot better, take away really good habits to better your life and be able to identify what really makes you HAPPY. I will share with you my personal goals along the way, including tips to just living a full and purposeful life. I am embracing and appreciating a life of happiness. I have seen massive changes in my ability to focus and achieve goals since I created and followed this challenge. Your end game should be understanding what you need to be happy and how to love yourself enough to care for your emotional and mental needs.

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