Hi, I’m Iceta Life and Marketing & Social Media Coach. So as I sat in my car and wondered where my online business was going I felt stuck. I wondered how am I going to present myself, present this page. I got into my car picked up my kids and drove home, sat in my car and turn my audiobook to Your A Badass. Needless to say, she did have some badassery things to tell me but I was still…stuck.

I looked down on my phone and saw that my email was now over one thousand strong, okay let’s check those. My 30th email or so a fellow blogger, Melanie, who I really don’t ever read her stuff, I believed opted into her site for the freebie to see how she did her printable. Her intro read, how can I help you, and boy did I unload on her…. this is the EXACT message I sent to her…

“Oh boy you shouldn’t have asked, I am about to unload on you right about now!!!
  I am just starting a new blog and online success and business coaching business . That in of it self is already an issue how do I even title myself. Am I a life coach or am I a success coach cause for real I could be more successful but …. life I got a lot of that. Businsss Coaching, I am a super duper awesome marketing and social media content developer and I need to help other women be awesome in their business with my strategies, techniques and experiences. And I am trying to find a way to get that all out there.
I am a mom of two going through a shitty separation that will no doubt lead to divorce. I am in debt, a little over weight and my refrigerator stopped working properly a year ago and I still haven’t bought one; not cause I’m lazy but I am chasing down two months of bills because my soon to be ex-husband decided that he didn’t want to contribute anymore. 
You see, I have this burning passion, this desire, this dream, this faith, this white hot fire that consumes me, that all I am doing online I will find a tribe of thousands/millions of women who will love everything I write, post and sell and be they will be that external family of women that I am looking for. I believe and know I was destined to be great! Not be broke or have a broken refrigerator but for right now I am literally sitting in my car, (that may be repossessed  anyday) and I am onloading on a woman that I have never met, and by the way I only opted into your site for the freebie and have an inside knowledge of how to be online successful like you and others. Did I mention I was black and live in Jamaica, like I feel like I am fighting back all sorts of stereotypes just tying to live this dream.
How can you me right now? Hmmm… I guess to just read my email, crack up a bit cause you have to admit I am witty and a little funny. Lol thanks though needed to see that email. Oh, by the way, I am usually very positive upbeat and driven but for the next hour, I want to just wallow!”
Okay, say it… think it…because for your I did. I started to think … What…the…hell… was I thinking to burden this wonderful soul with my issues? Let me tell you she was so gracious and I could tell from her response that she was shocketh. What she said to be lead directly to this post. My first post and I will say to you  right now that this is the best piece of literature I have ever written.
Why am I writing this, what is the point? You see, in my question, to myself, the universe sent Melanie to answer for me along with my own insights because that’s just it all the answers to all your problems, the solutions are found right inside of you. I forgot about my training as a life coach and I just allowed negative thoughts to flow through and made me feel…stuck. I had to remember that I am not perfect and as an imperfect entity I have accepted myself and love myself for exactly who I am.
And that my dear dawling is why I am a life coach. A life coach is not like a therapist that asks you how you feel and sends you on your way to come back tomorrow to talk again. A life coach is not like a physician that gives you a prescription and says take two and call me in the morning. I am the kind of coach who will come down to where ever you are and we will work through all the issues that you have because I have been there before. I have had success, lost, been broken, abused, loved, liked, hated, mated, travelled and written. As a Social Media and Marketing coach, that’s easy I spent over 10 years in the industry. For those who can’t…..TEACH.
Let me leave you with this, my mantra…is to find 3 affirmations that speak to your soul and beat them bitches into your head until you have no choice but to believe it. Here is mine:
  1. Take care of yourself first and everything else will fall in its rightful place
  2. I have an abundance of money, love, acceptance and success around me that I tap into every…single…day
  3. and this I made up – Your BAE has all the attributes that you desire. he is the man you were meant to have, the universe has ordained it