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Multiple Blog/Online Business Strategy Checklist

You are here awesome sauce! So glad you want to take your online business to the next level. I am here to help you. First of all, I won’t bore you with a long set of reasons why you need this checklist, you are already here so you know why. What I can tell you is what it has and suggestions of how to use it; how about that?

#1 Campaign Theme – Choose the image that will represent your product, the colour that identifies it and a selling phrase for that product.

#2 Offering/Product – List the offerings or products you will use in your campaigns. Checklist, Tools guide, ebook, physical product whatever it is. Set the duration you will be marketing each for. Give each Offering or product a clean page

#3 Strategy page – This is broken down into tasks, proof reading, creating social posts, email automation, challenges etc. Along with spaces to write any other steps in your process.

#4 Social Media Task Tracker – Keep a track of which social media you post your content to, the launch date of that campaign, hashtags and likes.

#5 Social Media Verbage Tracker  – Track what key words you use for each social meda platform as when as the date and time you plan to post them.



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