Why Choose Me

You might know me from my blogs Bawn Natural  Prayher Journal and Mommy On Wine. I started those blogs 6 years and 1 year ago respectively. I have been able to sustain a very comfortable living from their earnings. Over that time, I have built an online community with about 25,000 people on all platforms combined and that figure blew me away! Those blogs turned me into an author and a true Female Entrepreneur from a little old town in Savanna-La-Mar Westmoreland, Jamaica

With a Marketing Degree, I was able to start a Social Media company where I successfully managed social media pages for mega-huge brands such as J Wray & Nephew, Appleton Estate, Kremi Jamaica and many others. 

I am a Certified Social media expert as well as an Achology Certified Life Coach and the combination of those, has lead me to Business coaching as well. With all that said, it does not matter really, unless we are a good fit to work together. Book your first call with me and let’s talk.

My Transformation

I am a reformed self-doubter, procrastinator and dream ignorer. I say reformed because 8 years ago I was the most unhappy person you could have found in my country (ok maybe in my house but you know what I mean). You see,  I live in the most beautiful island in the world, Jamaica. Beautiful white sand beaches, healthy food and lifestyle, wonderful people, fresh air and flora and fauna to die over. Yet, I was unable to see the beauty in my surrounding because I was so unhappy with myself.

My Clarity

By now you might be thinking, why am I saying this you look gorgeous, thank you by the way! My issue is I was so filled with self-doubt, insecurities, inadequacies and it was so hard to get past them. I then realised that I was filling my life with people who were negative, unsupportive, unfocused and was also in their own kind of pain.

I wanted an escape, an escape from my life and my pain so I turned to books. I read a lot of trashy romance at first but then I started to read self-help books and started searching for ways to make me happy.

I started to gather in me all the resources I use to use before that made me happy. I thought wanted a change and I had all the tools inside me but I had no clue how to put it together. I wanted to fix my pain and my frustrations and my pain but I lacked the confidence to make a change, launch out, show up for me.

I figured out that I should spend some alone time, focus on myself, figure out what I liked and didn’t. Enjoy my own company and ensured EVERY single thing I did make me happy, focused and calm. I gathered all of that and put fingers to keyboard and wrote …”Damn…I’m Fine” not fine in the sense I am good looking, fine as in I am good, happy, relax, comfortable and free!


Deana Rae

Blogger, KhloeRae.com

I have found a twin soul in you. Your strategies are something else and man are you persistent! Took getting use having someone be there for me but I am glad I made that call. Now on to that second business Idea Iceta. Lets roll!


Public Relations

ALL I WILL SAY IS THANK YOU ICETA THANK YOU! I was on the brink of my life confused and unhappy THANK YOU!


Mom, Isreal

Only being 27 you spoke to me like I was already mature and had my life sorted out… #PositiveSelfTalk right! It’s so funny that from watching “SIP OF LIFE” on INSTAGRAM and hoping to have the positive energy that you have, I am here now and I am happy to say I do now! I took care of myself, prayed like you taught me and I am so much more balanced now


Analyst, Jamaica

My Discovery

While writing my first ebook, over a few glasses of wine, I reflected on my life mainly my failed marriage I discovered how unhappy I truly was.  I had to take a look at myself like really look. I am going to be very honest and tell you what I really saw myself as …I saw an unhealthy, overweight, insecure, unsuccessful person.  I ended up losing friends, I was unable to take care of my kids, the business I started failed, my clients suffered, my finances were in SHAMBLES! My life was falling apart and I blamed the man I married and the entire world for working against me.

I was unable to embrace who I was because guess what…I HAD NO CLUE WHO I WAS and I wasn’t using all I knew I had in me to be the person I was suppose to be.

I changed my life from the inside out. I started to manifest a better life, motivate myself with affirmations, read books that stimulated my mind and cleared my space from clutter and visualised my own success.

This is how ‘The Woman On Wine” was born. On my path of rebuilding myself, I discovered who I was in my 30’s, said bye bye to my 20’s and accepted every inch of me.

With this knowledge, I have helped many other women live the life that they now want to be happy, driven and focused and simply LOVE themselves. Loving and accepting who you are will make you a better mom, wife, friend and WOMAN. Start with our Free Bundles and begin the journey of changing your thoughts to making a better you.

Change your mindset and Live your Best Life!


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