self love bundle

How to be more self-aware​, positive and motivated without having to do any guessing to figure out how to get there


Over 20 different affirmations that speak to your body, mind and soul. Develop a morning routine that is infused with the words that speak to your mindset and take on the world with the power to do ANYTHING!


classy lady

Wines are a huge part of The Woman on Wine and Mommy On wine, not as a form of intoxication, but as a form of relaxation. I believe it also denotes class and sophistication. Nothing says self-aware and self-love like a conscious woman with a glass of wine.


Do you want to see how powerful a woman can be? Educate her! Self-Love starts in your mind, changing your mindset, altering how you feel about yourself, body and setting attainable goals. Take a look at the knowledge we want to give you.


From time to time this bundle will be updated with new information, resources and tools. Don’t worry you will get each update as they come out, you will not be left out. Share the love and get discounts on out shop items!

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The TIME to know who you really begins now! ARE YOU READY? DECIDE NOW!