All men do annoying things but some guys do downright really annoying things that are TOTAL deal breakers.  Relationships take a lot of work however you can reduce the hard work by setting standards being self-aware and knowing exactly what your limitations are.  The qualities you consider to be deal breakers in a potential partner will likely change over time, but there are certain qualities that will always be huge red flags or more like a flashing neon sign that says RUN. Once you notice these things about any person you’re in a relationship with, your interest in pursuing any kind of a serious relationship with them should drop down to below negative 10.


It takes a special kind of idiot to have bad hygiene. If a guy fails to accomplish simple tasks like showering or brushing his teeth, he is smelly and broken and doesn’t deserve any of your time. You don’t want to get to the point where you solemnly look out the window one day and realize that the man you’re dating can’t even wipe his ass properly. Your therapist will quit on you.


A guy’s friends speak volumes about his character. The company he chooses to keep will be a dead giveaway to the choices he makes and the kind of person he is. If the guy hangs around a bunch of obnoxious, douchey, dishonest jerks, there’s a significant chance he will be the same way. Run. Run away as fast as you can before you choke to death on a lung-liquefying cloud of Axe body spray.


Money management is a basic adult skill. If he fails to make wise financial decisions and makes no effort to change bad spending habits he will be a waste of your time. His money problems can easily become your money problems. It isn’t your fault that he’s thousands of dollars in debt because he can’t control himself around Mountain Dew. Don’t get involved. Your credit score will thank you immensely.


Drinking (and the occasional joint) is perfectly fine, but if he ever tells you about that one time last week when he woke up naked in a Walmart parking lot surrounded by beer cans, syringes and tufts of hooker hair, you’ve got a problem. You will always be less important to this guy than his partying ways. No, you can’t change him and no, he won’t love you forever for it. The blimp is already on fire and crashing is inevitable. Don’t get on board.

Total Dating Deal Breakers


Everyone deserves some days when they watch something they don’t even like because they can’t reach the remote, but you don’t want to mess with a guy who is so lazy that it’s destructive. He’ll put effort into finding a bag of potato chips but not much else. Move along before his laziness infects you and you start to feel jealousy towards Doritos.


It isn’t difficult to follow through. You say you’ll do something, and then you do it. It’s incredibly frustrating dealing with someone who is incapable of doing that. A guy’s unreliable behaviour shows a complete lack of respect for you and the plans you made together. He obviously doesn’t care, so why should you? Go find someone who will actually show up to your bouncy castle date.


No one wants to be around the girl who doesn’t speak up when her boyfriend is a jerk to her friends. It should never even get that far. The second you notice the guy bad mouthing your friends or your family, it’s time to give him the boot. Something is very wrong with him if he thinks it’s okay to disrespect the people you care about. You shouldn’t have to monitor his behaviour like he’s a robot that’s slowly becoming sentient. Dump his ass.

Things Guys do that are Total Dating Deal Breakers